Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Animal Antics

We have a wonderful petting zoo type place near us called staglands. It is hugely interactive and so much fun for kids and adults a like. We took Sophia there a few weeks ago and she had an absolute blast. We had been there in the past but it seemed like Sophia was finally old enough to enjoy being around the animals. Here are some snaps from our trip. sorry it is a picture heavy post! 
Feeding the ducks

Getting brave near the geese and the pigs!

Even going in for a pat

You can't tell here but this horse is huge
(it was a clydesdale)

We found some ducklings swimming
in the river that runs through the place!

Lunch! Sophia loves her summer fruit!

Exploring the swing bridge!

Sophia's favourite part was the 'Secret Garden' and the bunnies!

Trying to coax the baby bunny from his hiding place with
food, She sat here for 10 minutes being so still and trying
to gently coax him out, it was sooo cute!

And there was a turtle! I love turtles!

All the animals are super friendly, even the geese and swans (which are notoriously nasty things). Sophia loved it, I loved it and Nick loved it. So it was the perfect family outing.
Where is your favourite place to go that is local to you?

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