Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Animal Antics

We have a wonderful petting zoo type place near us called staglands. It is hugely interactive and so much fun for kids and adults a like. We took Sophia there a few weeks ago and she had an absolute blast. We had been there in the past but it seemed like Sophia was finally old enough to enjoy being around the animals. Here are some snaps from our trip. sorry it is a picture heavy post! 
Feeding the ducks

Getting brave near the geese and the pigs!

Even going in for a pat

You can't tell here but this horse is huge
(it was a clydesdale)

We found some ducklings swimming
in the river that runs through the place!

Lunch! Sophia loves her summer fruit!

Exploring the swing bridge!

Sophia's favourite part was the 'Secret Garden' and the bunnies!

Trying to coax the baby bunny from his hiding place with
food, She sat here for 10 minutes being so still and trying
to gently coax him out, it was sooo cute!

And there was a turtle! I love turtles!

All the animals are super friendly, even the geese and swans (which are notoriously nasty things). Sophia loved it, I loved it and Nick loved it. So it was the perfect family outing.
Where is your favourite place to go that is local to you?

Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Year Sucess

Oh hello second blog post. That's right, that means that I am up keeping one of my resolutions! So far I am having more success than last year so I am happy! So how am I fearing on the others?

Taking care of myself? Well I am losing weight (I know, I know I said that wasn't the point) We are doing biggest loser at work and I am on board so am eating healthier. I have a lot to loose, so I haven't really made too much effort on the exercise part to lose it.

Minimising the toddlers technology? Going great, TV isn't put on until she is gone to bed, and sometimes not even then. She hasn't been on the tablet and has watched a couple of 5 minute videos on my phone. She isn't concerned as long as she doesn't see me using technology!

Blog more? Tick.

Be a better friend? Meh, we are only a week in, I will improve ;)

Judge less? Well I am judging less out loud, I am keeping it to myself, so that's a start right?

I promise I have something more exciting coming up, I just don't have a laptop, only a tablet so have to get the pictures onto my email!

A week on, how are your resolutions? (Had a total mind blank then and almost wrote renovations!)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year, New Start!

I am finally connected with the modern world again. After breaking my laptop last year and getting fulltime employment I have been noticeably absent from my already fairly lacking blog. So here I am, again. Starting over, again. I am going to share with you my new years resolutions and my plan for the year.
So resolutions, the things we make that are usually fairly unrealistic and that we feel miserable in February when we break. Here are mine:
1. Take care of myself...
Now this one is actually fairly loaded. As simple as it may sound, taking care of myself is exactly that. Taking care of myself and doing what is right for me in EVERY aspect in my life. That may mean ensure I get my eyebrows regularly threaded (I don't do this enough and am currently sporting some caterpillars) or I only surround myself with people that make me happy. I have spent far to long not thinking about me. Yes I am a mother, and yes I will ALWAYS put my family first but I need to look out for me too. If I am unhappy I don't believe that my family will find me entirely pleasant. Yes, this will also mean eating well and trying to exercise more, but this is not my main focus. My main focus is improving everything around me, for me. So if one day that improvement means eating a whole cake of chocolate then I struggle through it!!
2. Minimise Sophia's technology...
Sophia is a big two year old now. She knows how to get onto my phone and how to find photos and YouTube. She knows which is her favourite cartoon and what Facebook is. I have decided to reduce her exposure. She is two. We now have locks on our phones, and she is not allowed on the tablet. We do not turn our television on daily and when we do it is often on adult programming (that means no cartoons not 'adult' programmes, get your mind out of the gutter). She now has Poppa Pig toys and several books, so when she asks to watch Peppa, I suggest we either play with her toys or read one of her books. Failing that, we play Play-Doh. That girl is obsessed with the stuff!
3. Blog more...
Pretty self explanatory, but I am not planning daily posts, lets be realistic I haven't managed to update this once a month yet, so I am aiming for once a week. Anything above that is a bonus. \
4. Be more creative...
Be it cooking, crafts or tall tales to tell my friends, I want to get creative.
5. Be a better friend... 
As  I sit here typing I just remembered I got a text this morning that I have still now replied to, to organise a play date for tomorrow. I am the friend you have to chase up for that borrowed stuff and the one you have to remind about 5 times to do something. I am that girl. Now I am not going crazy and suggesting all that will change, but maybe I will return your things along with an apology and some chocolate.
6. Judge less...
We all know we do it. However, sometimes I share my judgements with others. This makes me look horrible and negative. So I will try to judge less, and I will definitely keep any judgements to myself. Me being a negative Nancy helps no one.
Okay, that is it I think. Unless I forgot something which is highly likely. I will try to keep you updated but we all know that if this blog doesn't have a new post in the next week or two then I have already failed miserably