Thursday, 25 October 2012

Autumn Bucket list, Southern Style!

Marie Bitsandclips has set up a bucket list for Autumn or Fall. I am going to do it southern style, southern hemisphere that is! Oh yeah, mixing it up with my Spring bucket list! Here is the bucket list that Marie set up, I will be doing all the same things but with a spring theme! 

So for the first one, Meal. When I think of spring, I think of lemony freshness flavours. Light and delicious salads and pastas. I think that I will find a few wee dishes that I want to prepare.
First off, in one of my magazine subscriptions I saw a delicious Salmon pasta, and although it seems a little heavy as it is made with cream I think the lightness of the capers and salmon will balance this. Plus it is still a little chilly in spring so can totally get away with a yummy pasta!
I will also find at least one other 'spring meal' and do it, but I have not found it yet, but it will be a recipe that I haven't tried.
All the rest I will post as I get around to them (and I hope I do, I have about a month and a half to get through them). However I wanted to add a few of my own in there.
  • Go on a family walk somewhere we have never been before.
  • Bake something new that adheres to the 'freshness' of spring
  • Buy at least one lot of fresh flowers (something I NEVER indulge in)
  • Do a little spring cleaning (but only a little) 
  • See the tulips at the botanical gardens ( we already done this because of a warm winter they bloomed early and I forgot to take a photo.. opps!) 
  • Go to the park, numerous times! 
  • Go to a school fair or some other outdoor community event! 
  • Do something a little halloweeny (its not very big here in NZ, so will just do a little something)
  • Spring snaps - photos of things that I think are spring!
OK, so there are a few things to get me started, as well as what Marie has prescribed on the list I will do a few extras. Spring is not as fun as autumn, I love the leaves changing and things like that, but I also love the new flowers and the sun shining more.

Lets see how my bucket list goes! 

Side note - when you are sitting on the computer or watching TV do you ever see something out of the corner of you eye and you think it is a spider or some other gross thing crawling on your chair. It happens to me ALL THE FREAKING TIME and it is just my crazy crazy mind! 

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