Sunday, 23 September 2012

Late Night (headache reducing) Cravings...

It's late, (well late if you are me, it's 10pm) and I am hungry. While I go through the internet and look up my favourite bloggers and you-tubers I made myself a delicious snack! Greek yogurt with mixed berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon! Did you know that Cinnamon actually has some awesome health benefits such as a natural remedy for headaches! Read more about the health benefits here. It also adds a delicious extra something to dishes, I didn't use any sugar in this and the cinnamon added a lovely sweetness! Its like my secret ingredient!

Now I am no health freak, in fact I am far from it. But I love the taste of cinnamon and a sprinkle here and there just adds flavour! So next time you order that cappuccino and they ask cinnamon or chocolate which will you choose?

A xx 

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