Thursday, 13 September 2012

Holidays and Hospitals.

I was so excited about spending a week with my parents. We started our trip last Tuesday and I was so thankful that my 9month old monkey was a perfect traveler, even though our direct flight got cancelled and we were re-booked on a flight that had a stopover, making it an hour longer and therefore an hour past Miss S's bedtime. Needless to say I was worried about how Miss S would cope with the trip.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. We had a lovely dad to be next to us on the first flight, who was more than happy for Miss S to grab and pull at him and give him hi-fives. The second, we got moved to a row just for ourselves and she slept, we only had one incident where she pulled the mans hair in front of us! OOPS

Miss S, sick but happy just hours before she
went down hill.
We got there safe and sound, and then it started. It started off small, not a big deal, but day by day it got bigger until the Friday when it came to a head. I am talking about Miss S's cold. By Friday the poor wee button was miserable, snuffly, feverish, vomiting, weepy eyes and unable to be settled. Friday afternoon I tried my old doctor, and then my father's doctor who was able to see her last minute.
Miss S after a nap and waiting to go to the
doctors office.

I was in the doctor's exam room all of five minutes before he turned and said to me, "I think I will admit her to the hospital" My. Heart. Sank. I panicked, I wanted to cry. The worst part was that the doctor was INCREDIBLY slow at typing up the letter I needed to take. Then it was a quick call to my partner and to my mama and we were on our way to the children's ward at the hospital.

Once there, they retook her temperature and heart rate, both which were extremely high. From there we had lines put in, fluid given, catheters put in, x-rays and all sorts. The worst thing, I had to hold her throughout, and we both cried at nearly every procedure. Miss S has never been sick before, wait, I lie. Miss S had a runny nose for about 2 days at 4 months old. Now, I was faced with this. I had to hold her down, cuddle her and comfort her when she didn't want to be. The poor we button didn't know what to do with herself and eventually just cried herself into exhaustion in my arms. 

A very sad and sick bubba
Calming a bubba down after getting an IV put in :(
Getting a chest x-ray :(
Miss S at the hospital asleep on her mama

Her wee paddle where the IV line was :(
Awake the next morning. Drugs kicking in,
feeling much better and checking out the
stuff she has attached to her!

We had some visitors outside our hospital room, two
ducks that we fed chips, Miss S loved watching

Our holiday did not get off to a good start, I only hope it can get better. If you have ever had a wee one sick you know how hard it is. All you want to do is take it away and you can't. She is on antibiotics now (which I have to force into her, she hates taking them) and slowly on the mend. We went to my Nana's 80th Birthday today (the reason we were here) and she handled it pretty well.

Have you ever had a wee one sick? Any tips on getting her medication into her?

A xx

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