Tuesday, 28 August 2012

To be fair...

I love going to fairs/carnivals and festivals and over the weekend there was a great one about 30 mins from where I live. This annual advent is held every winter and there are rides, activities, entertainment, stalls, food stalls and most of all FIREWORKS! 

We had such a fun time, Baby S wasn't too keen on the petting zoo, she got a wee bit upset when petting the animals, but she did looove the fireworks! I have just compiled some photos from the day, It was such a fun day out, and if you don't count my wee shopping spree while waiting for the fireworks to start it was very cheap. I think I spent a total of about $16, not including the petrol to get out there. 

Candy floss and a mask! We are kids at heart!

Baby S was a bit dubious of the pony.

Llama Llama Llama (but he didn't like being petted).

A careful pat of the pony. 

A friends child was more interested in petting Baby S.

Sooo cute! He loved her.

Another big cuddle, he is such a loving wee dude. 

A Picnic of grapes cheese and crackers

The lighthouse you see there is being made purely to burn at dusk.
There were quite a few different wooden sculptures along the beach! 

A classic game we couldn't pass up!

There was so much more to photograph but I got taken away by the day. It's the events like this that are great for young families. It was cheap, cheerful and fun. I always try to go to events like this and have fun with baby S. I can not wait until summer when we can get outside more and walk to two blocks to the beach! It is supposed to be nice this week so hopefully we can get out more and get a taste of the warmer weather headed our way!

A xx

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