Tuesday, 28 August 2012

To be fair...

I love going to fairs/carnivals and festivals and over the weekend there was a great one about 30 mins from where I live. This annual advent is held every winter and there are rides, activities, entertainment, stalls, food stalls and most of all FIREWORKS! 

We had such a fun time, Baby S wasn't too keen on the petting zoo, she got a wee bit upset when petting the animals, but she did looove the fireworks! I have just compiled some photos from the day, It was such a fun day out, and if you don't count my wee shopping spree while waiting for the fireworks to start it was very cheap. I think I spent a total of about $16, not including the petrol to get out there. 

Candy floss and a mask! We are kids at heart!

Baby S was a bit dubious of the pony.

Llama Llama Llama (but he didn't like being petted).

A careful pat of the pony. 

A friends child was more interested in petting Baby S.

Sooo cute! He loved her.

Another big cuddle, he is such a loving wee dude. 

A Picnic of grapes cheese and crackers

The lighthouse you see there is being made purely to burn at dusk.
There were quite a few different wooden sculptures along the beach! 

A classic game we couldn't pass up!

There was so much more to photograph but I got taken away by the day. It's the events like this that are great for young families. It was cheap, cheerful and fun. I always try to go to events like this and have fun with baby S. I can not wait until summer when we can get outside more and walk to two blocks to the beach! It is supposed to be nice this week so hopefully we can get out more and get a taste of the warmer weather headed our way!

A xx

Spring in my Step

Today I went shopping with my BFF (I am way to old to be using this term but I am on a sugar high so I shall let it slide) Liz and my other good friend Mel. It was my mission to get some nice summer/spring clothes and steer positively away from the black! 

I must say I did well, although I have an addiction to another colour. Peaches and coral (or various other shades of orange). We has a speed shopping trip while we waited for some fireworks to start. I will do a blog post about that soon.

Normally I go shopping and I find it really hard to get things that suit me. Being a girl that is on the chunkier side I often feel that everything is made for another shape that isn't me. Also all dresses are too short. I am 5'3" and I cant imagine how girls that are taller than me get on.

Anyway, here is what I have bought. It is just on a hanger because I don't have anyone to take photos. However if you a desperate to see what something looks like on the feel free to leave a comment and I can arrange something. 

The first item I bought was a cute peach cardigan from Glassons. I just thought that it was too cute to pass up with the subtle white hearts! These cardis are such a staple for any closet and are so easy just to throw on over a t-shirt.
 Second item was a cute sleeveless floral shirt from Jay Jays. Normally I go into this store and find nothing that I like but today I got a cute Shirt as well as a cute long necklace with a deer on it (aww, I love bambi!). I loved how long this shirt was, I think it would look great over some demin shorts during summer or even pair it with a long sleeved tee and some jeans in the cooler months of spring.

Third on the agenda was at Cotton On where I had a hard time deciding between this dress and a peachy coloured one in the same design. They were so light weight one a simple thing to throw on during summer. I didn't end up going for the peach because the colour was not quite vibrant enough for me. I like to call these mullet dresses, they are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Normally I hate this style with a passion, but they do it so subtly that its just pretty and flowy. 

Our last stop shop was at Jeans West where I just feel in love with this coral ombre top. It has batwing sleeves and it is just pretty and flowy, I particularly like the big band at the bottom and it pulls it in to give it a nice shape. It was just so pretty I had to have it as WELL as this gorgeous dress. I don't need another dress but I just loved the sweetheart neckline that always keeps my 'girls' inline.

I had so much fun with the girls before returning to the fair to watch the fireworks. There were two positives from this shopping trip. One, I didn't buy ANY black (this is a MAJOR) achievement. Two, I found out I had gone down a dress size from what I thought I was. Always a great way to give a girl a boost to her day!

What are some of your favourite summer/spring finds?

A xx

Monday, 27 August 2012

Goals updated.

I know my "goals" seem very silly to some, but I want to make small easy changes that will make my life easier. 

Anyways, my partner was away this weekend so I had a girls night, that was a bit of a disaster, a delicious delicious disaster. I was back on the wagon the next day with my no sugary drinks. I had only water apart from a OJ, which I think is ok. 

Also I have been wearing make-up every day and I even managed to blow dry and straighten my hair (which I haven't done both since baby was born). 

I am feeling good and after a wee shopping trip on the weekend I found I was a size smaller that I used to be and that I fit some things in stores that I thought I never fit anything in! Yay for being able to shop in regular shops. 

I am one that likes things to be flowy and nice when I wear them, I possibly fit things in regular stores before I had lost a little weight but I was not happy with the fit. I do not like to show my lumps and bumps. I will put up my lovely spring/summer purchases soon.

I am feeling better and a little happier in my life, just by achieving some small goals. I haven't weighed myself since i set my goals. But I think I might only do it once every 2 weeks otherwise I will be watching my weight like a hawk!

A xx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

You have to be in it, to win it.

Since March this year when my maternity leave ran out I have been a stay at home mother while my partner goes out and works 50+ hours a week. I love that I am able to stay home with baby S. I wanted to contribute something. Anything? Even if it was measly and small. I have made a few changes in our household to save money (any with a new baby that can be hard). So what have I done to save a couple of pennys?

1. I use cloth nappies. 

Yes I know, it seems like it is something from the stone ages. Cloth nappies? Pfft, we have these wonderful things that you whip off, roll into itself and through into the bin. I loved them too, trust me but I was spending between $30-40 on them a week which was just getting ridiculous.  Cloth nappies are almost like the ultimate baby accessory and they come in so many cute designs and colours that they become a little addictive! What started me on my cloth nappy journey was going to a workshop. I was still worried about the outlay of the nappies so used the two I got at the workshop for a while, then I WON some more nappies and have been using them almost full time ever since. Saving me tonnes of money!    Number two kind of leads on from this point...

2. Enter EVERY competition that you see. 

That's right. Be THAT person. Always on the look out for free stuff and competitions. I have won some amazing stuff this year and it has been really helpful, I will do you a quick list (off the top of my head)

- 6 reuseable nappies ($150 approx)
- 1 set of reuseable breast pads ($6.95)
- Skincare ($160 approx)
- Sippy cup for baby S ($5?)
- Flight for my partner to go and see family ($400ish)
- A goody bag full with lollies & treats ($20)
- A double movie pass ($35)
- Also I won a little bit of $$$ through a competition. 

I really on started this 'enter everything I see' (that is also useful to my family) thing in July. So I think for 2 months 'work' I am doing pretty well. Although it may look like I have won a lot. I haven't really in comparison to what I actually enter. However, most forms only take a couple of minutes to fill out and then I am in with a chance. 

3. Sign up for Samples. 

Another easy (and free) way to save a little money is Samples. I have had some many in the past that I have let go to waste. This WILL NOT occur again. Now I don't go and sign up for samples that I will never ever use. It is just a waste of my time as well as the companies. I do however sign up for ones that I know I will use. Baby products for Baby S, coffee and tea samples, cosmetics and skincare, food items. If you go around manufacturers websites and facebook pages they are often giving away free samples for you to try for free, and even better they usually accompany it with a discount coupon if you really do happen to love their product! 

I know these are not really the usual 'money saving tips' and I do have more (I will post them at a later date) but these are some easy and fun ways to save money. Your baby will look cuter and you wallet will look fatter. Remember every little bit helps. 

A xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

Colours of Spring...

While I was in my local shopping centre I happened to stop into Farmers. I was supposed to be getting tickets for my girlfriends and I to go to a local fashion advent that was fundraising for Plunket. While I was there I couldn't help but go have a quick squiz at both the kids section as well as the beauty department. Baby S was very taken with some wee clips (even though she has next to no hair) so of course I had to get them! (They were 30% off after all.)

 I was more interested in the make up section. Although I am avoiding buying too much new make-up (well until I get all these blemishes sorted) I saw that there was buy one get one free on some nail polishes! I cant resist a bargain! These are a cheaper brand but I thought I would give them a go. I got some lovely spring colours (Pastels are all the rage this spring) and thought I would try them out. 

They are Australis brand in the colours Peek-a-boo (#51059) and Sweet pea (#51055). Although I took these photos in natural light I didn't quite get the true colours of them, they are a little more vibrant that what is pictured here. I went to the website to see if their stock shots were much better but to be honest they are pretty much the same! It must just be the way they photograph! 

The application was OK, it says 'intense colour with a high shine' 'streak free' (I wrote steak free until I came back and changed it, I should hope they are steak free, but on that note the bottle does say against animal testing!). However I needed 3 coats on order to get a decent colour and that was with quite a heavy application. There were a few streaks but the colour did build up nicely.  (See photo below). The nail polish was only $13.00 (NZD) full price and I got one half price which I thought was pretty decent. I don't expect them to last forever being a cheaper polish but I will keep you updated on how long they last. 

Please excuse application, Baby S woke up after first coat so the rest were a rush! 

I can't wait for the flowers to really bloom and it is Daffodil day, daffodils are my favourite flowers and I love to buy a big bunch each yeah to support a wonderful cause. It represents the beginning of the warmer months and I think spring is just a beautiful time of year!

What do you love most about spring/summer? 

A xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Formal introductions..

Ok. having a faceless blog is never fun, so I have decided to put a face to the name. 

Getting my crazy on!

As you can see I am a classy gal. This photo is pre baby though, as I haven't had many occasions to go out lately! However I am sure this girl is inside somewhere, the crazy fun loving one, maybe she will find her way home (after a few glasses of vino once I've finished breast feeding!).

I may put a normal one on soon, but my laptop charger is broken so I had to make do of the hideousness on facebook.

A xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My *cough* lovely lady lumps

This blog is a mish mash, goals, dreams, things I love. 
However, this post is about something I don't love. 

My body. 

I am putting it here on the world wide web. I am hoping that this will give me the boost I need, to be accountable to someone else not me. 

Right here is me side on and front on, lumps bumps and all. 
I thought I would do it as soon as I got up this morning so I couldn't back out. (Although I didn't get to put them up until this afternoon!)

Side View
Front View. 
Right there I am in all my glory (P.J's and all) so lets hope the next photos I put up are a bit more palatable.

A xx

Update - As you can tell my blog has taken a slightly different approach, focusing more on the aspects of being a mother and my daily life. Although I am still aiming to loose weight I doubt you will see it or hear about it unless I achieve my goals. I want this to be a positive place for me to visit and I don't want to feel like it is a place where I have to go to write about my failures. I will blissfully ignore those for the present thank you very muchly! 

We’ve all got to start somewhere – or maybe not start at all?

Today, the start of my mission, I was all rearing to go and had so much motivation.

Last night I lay awake thinking of ideas for my blog and what I could use it for in the future and boy was it glorious! Even at 4am the wonderful ideas kept coming (not that I can remember them now mind you!).

Today, d-day as you will. The day I start the change. A new start.
So, how did it go you ask?
Well. I didn’t drink any sugary drinks *pats self on back*. I drank coffee, (lowfat) milk and water. (Actually I can’t lie, I did have a wee sip of my partners drink tonight, ugh, I thought I had better start this honestly *takes back self back pat and shakes head, tsk tsk*).
So that was an average but not entirely hopeless start.Although, it does get worse. I didn’t get to make-up and hair today, that is tomorrows project but I did do a lot of cleaning to that was overly glamorous anyway.
Finally the weight loss thing. I was going great guns had a really healthy diet all day until about 3.My friend and her mother came by to see me and baby, they bought some chocolate biscuits. They left the packet behind. The packet is now empty. (My partner and I had the last few after dinner).
This is why I never have that stuff in the house anymore. I just can not risk it. I have no will power. I can say no in the supermarket and feel proud as punch as I push my trolley around the supermarket with no junk food scoffing at the other people who have all those nasties. However, once I am in the privacy of my own home… A monster is released. I am not sure who unlocks the cage, but this beast has no self control. If something gets opened this monster feels as though she has to gorge on everything until she feels sick.
Then I look over to my sweet innocent baby girl. She is judging me, she smiles and coos, but I know, really she is thinking…” WHAT THE HECK DID I WITNESS…. If I keep cool and ignore it we can pretend like it never happened, that was an awful sight. She’s looking, oh gawd… just coo, that’s right, now smile. Maybe now she thinks I didn’t see.”  (I am sure she was thinking that, or it was my inner crazy….) – I do not want my baby to think that it is O.K to turn into the hungus monster as soon as she is alone. Its this sneakiness that has snuck all those extra kilos onto my 5’3″ frame.
So there you have it, no sugary drinks but I gorged on choccy biscuits. OH WELL… 
 I can do
 a little
 better tomorrow. That is what is great, every new day is like a new start.
Also, I might take a photo of me side view *shudder* and put it here… On. The. Internet. For the ENTIRE world to see – by entire world, I must clarify, the only person who has seen my blog is me, but that picture would be there and could be found, if someone looked really really hard. THAT should hold me accountable! ( well as long as I continue to log in and see the horror of it!)
Day 1: 
 Not as entirely successful as I had imagined. (Positivity, no negative Nancy here!)

A xx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Mission Control

This is it. Another person writing another blog about changing their lives.
I am motivated (clearly my site name proves it).
I am here, writing earnestly that my life needs to change. There is nothing horrifically wrong with it, in fact many would say that I have a great life, and mostly, I would have to agree.
Why this need for a ‘mission’ and ‘mission control’?
For one, it makes me feel very important, and for two, I am hoping I will be held a little more accountable. Also, I am a stay at home mama (well for the time being) and I need to do something. This will be a diary of how I will  hopefully change my life.
It will be snippets into what I want to achieve and how I am going about it. So now I will set out 3 goals that I hope to achieve.
1. Drink more water.
That’s right, simple isn’t it? Well I do not drink water. I drink sugary drinks that are terrible for me (and actually I love it). However, I do not want my 8 month old daughter growing up with my bad habits. Plus hopefully it will help with goal number 2.
2. Lose 5 kilos by Xmas.
5?!? JUST 5?!? When you weigh… (pausing deciding weather to put this on here…) 85 KILOS! *cringe* That’s right folks. This blog is not about my setting myself up to fail, its about me feeling good about achieving something. I want to set myself easy goals. I want to achieve. I want to be able to say that I did what I set out. Then at xmas I will review how I have done. This is not about the easy way out, this is about the confidence that I can achieve what I set out to do.
3.Do my hair and wear make-up.
Don’t get me wrong, I brush my hair. I want to start feeling better about myself. I want to feel a little more confident every day. At the moment if you came to my door on a typical week day you would find me with messy tied back hair and no make-up. I want to look in a mirror and notice my eyes not my blemishes.
There, three simple enough goals. I will try and update weekly on how I am going. I will also post other things about me being a mama and my daily life.
Wish me luck as I try to be the woman I want to be, one day at a time.

A xx