Monday, 6 April 2015

Guess who's back...

Guess who's back... Back again.. Amy's back, tell your friends! (You just sung that didn't you!)

I'MMM BAAAAACK! Now, I am sure I have written this before, but I want to be back, if even just to document cute things that have happened! I need to be back, I like writing stuff, so rather than writing for me, I shall write for you (or me if no one reads this). I am a mama, and I want to talk about Mum things, give my tips and ideas! Expect reviews, little posts about family life (as well as the odd rant) and generally just more activity! 

Love ya!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Oh look at me making videos!

Yes, so just jump with me here, onto the bandwagon, come on up its nice and comfy! I will give you an arm up. Right, now you are up here on the bandwagon you can see I am making YouTube videos. Okay VIDEOS might be a stretch. I have made about 10. I really love making videos and learning about the editing process, I have done a few hauls and a meal video and am just talking about mummy things in general, why not go over and check me out! Here is one of my first 'edited' videos, its a few months old but its one of my favs, Sophia's summer outfit! Why not check out some more while you are there!

Oh look at that cuteness wont you! I love her so much!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Clean up, clean up....

This morning Nick took Sophia out to the park. I stayed home to try and get some housework done (try being the operative word here). I had this (delusional) fantasy that during the hour and a half that they were gone I would make my house sparkling clean. I started by tripping the beds and getting the sheets washed. I took the main bedding outside to be aired. Then I stood at the front door and picked up everything I could see starting from the front door right through the living room and kitchen. This took me forever, who know how many little pieces of Lego, bobby pins, hair ties and (sing it) all that jazz was laying around my house. I think tidied Sophia's toy boxes and book shelves and tidied the kitchen bench. I cleared down surfaces in the living room and put those things away.

I was feeling really accomplished, I had done heaps, but as I looked around my house it was still a mess. I hadn't vacuumed or mopped or dusted so even though all the clutter was gone my house still looked like crap. What the hell? So now just as I have put Sophia down for a nap I am looking around and her toys/books are a mess and there is a lot of stuff to pick up again, I am still getting through the laundry and have a lot to be folded I haven't started on the bathroom or bedrooms and I am just feeling rather defeated. So this is just a rant, followed by a wee message...

To all those women who manage to keep their house spotless and looking amazing, as well as themselves looking fantastic. To those same women who can do all that plus bake and prepare wonderful home cooked meals. If this is you and you can organise you life this way, I have a few questions; What are you on? There must be some sort of drug/formula, where can I get it? Do you sit, like ever? Can you teach me? Where do you put all that miscellaneous crape that accumulates in life, there must be a secret stash somewhere?

In all seriousness though, you amaze me. If you exist (I have yet to meet someone who can do all of this and am beginning to think they are a mythical creature..) please help me. Give me your secrets to a perfect home! Right rant over, back to cleaning ...sigh...